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2022 census: 40% of households have already answered the digital questionnaire


This Monday, the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec) confirmed that nearly 40% of Argentinian households have already answered the census numerically.

“The numbers say that some 18 million people have already answered the digital questionnaireexplained the director of the institute, Marco Lavagnatwo days after the face-to-face survey.

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“It’s a success, if you will, of the whole society. Just yesterday, more than 750,000 households entered the census. I wanted to highlight the great participation of the digital census. We were surprised by the level of acceptance this tool has hadLavagna remarked. In addition, she asked citizens perform the virtual procedure in time to “avoid congestion”.

The official explained the importance of the investigation:Censuses are the tool that enables long-term planning. It is not useful for the situation but for planning where we want to go as a country. It is important to have good censuses that give us quality data. What is not measured is not known and what is not known cannot be corrected”.

The 2022 census will take place on May 18 across the country. (Photo: INDEC)

In addition, this afternoon will begin the registration operation for people on the street. “It will allow us to have for the first time the exact number of effective homeless and vulnerable homeless“said the official.

The 2022 Census can be done in two ways: until Wednesday at 8 a.m. there is the possibility of answering the questionnaire online (digital census), or you can opt for a face-to-face interview at home on the day of the the operation.

2022 census: why it is mandatory to answer it

the National census 2022postponed to 2020 due to the pandemic coronavirusit will be done May 18, which will be a public holiday. From 8:00 a.m., the enumerators will go through the houses to carry out face-to-face interviews or to collect the voucher corresponding to the digital quizwhich was activated on March 16 and is obligatory to answer.

This major survey is carried out by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (Indec), which “as the governing body that unifies the orientation and exercises the superior direction of all official statistical activities in accordance with Law 17.622, is responsible for the planning and execution of censuses”, explains it on its website.

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As established by the Ley 17.622 of 1968, those who “fail to supply in time, falsify or produce by malicious omission the information necessary for statistics and censuses” will receive a economic punishment or sanction.

Penalty values ​​are updated every six months by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses. In the latest, published on February 22, 2022 in the Official Journal, a minimum fine of $1076.36 although the maximum figure may reach $106,799.35