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120 million euros to build new social housing for low-income Laois


More than 120 million euros will be devoted to the construction of new housing for the Laois registered on the waiting list of housing of the municipality, over the next three years.

The council plans to spend nearly € 76.5 million on new homes and repairing old homes for those Laois who cannot afford their own homes.

Large expenses represent more than half of their budget of 146 million euros for investment projects until 2024.

Of this money, 56.6 million euros will be spent on the construction of new houses.

Laois County Council CEO John Mulholland said an additional 72 million euros would be spent on the construction of social housing in Laois by licensed housing organizations.

“These 56.6 million euros are only intended for our direct construction program. There will probably be 120 million euros for social housing and perhaps in the years to come, affordable housing, ”he said.

Laois County Council’s new three-year indicative capital program was approved by councilors on November 29 at their monthly meeting.

The housing budget will be spent on the construction, purchase and insulation of social housing, with most of the money covered by government grants.

Some 5.5 million euros will be paid by the government to the council to buy existing homes, including the increased use of mandatory purchase orders to buy properties or sites left vacant and abandoned by owners.

A total of 10 million euros will be spent on in-depth energy renovations, as the rush to insulate old communal houses intensifies due to climate action targets and rising costs of the energy.

This includes € 1.9 million to do a deep energy upgrade of the 31 houses at O’Moore Place in Portlaoise, which still belong to Laois County Council.

An additional 3.3 million euros will be spent on improving and maintaining social housing over the next three years. The council has more than 1,250 houses, some dating from the 1950s.

The costs will be covered by national housing and climate change grants as well as the use of the council’s own income.

The investment program of 145.9 million euros also includes 19.77 million euros for climate action projects, in particular flood control programs, 16 million euros for projects of urban regeneration in Portlaoise and € 10 million for counterpart funding in co-financing programs such as Rural Regeneration and Town & Village Renewal Programs.