Are installment loans cheaper at direct banks?


Direct banks offer their services without their own branch network. As a result, they are not only more flexible, often loans and other services are also offered cheaper than from banks with branch systems. A comparison with the offer of the house bank is worthwhile in any case.

Direct banks – cheaper and more flexible?

Direct banks - cheaper and more flexible?

If you want to install a installment loan, you often save a lot of money with direct banks. The reasons are numerous. Banks without branch networks, for example, have significantly lower costs – as well as rent for branches – as well as a large part of the personnel and administrative costs – so that the services can be offered cheaply. In addition, direct banks have the decisive advantage. Usually also on the weekend, a clerk is available by phone, which takes care of problems with the installment loan.

This is a great advantage, especially for larger loans, since problems can be avoided by quickly adjusting the conditions. Another reason for cheap installment loans: direct banks are in direct competition with other online banks and adjust the conditions accordingly. Unlike branch banks, which have many long-standing customers, direct banks tend to have changing clients. Cheap and flexible offers are therefore necessary to retain customers over a longer period of time and to survive despite the great competition from other direct banks. Installment loans are usually particularly attractive.

That’s why installment loans here are “billger”


Direct banks mainly offer installment loans on favorable terms. One reason for this is the relatively simple process. If you would like to take out a loan, you can fill in the form online and simply scan in or send in the necessary documents. This saves time and effort on both sides, which in the end also makes the loan cheaper.

Regardless, the potential borrower should also compare the various loan offers. Through credit comparisons can be within a few seconds to determine the cheapest offer and directly with the competent financial institution in contact.

More than an alternative, right?

More than an alternative, right?

The house bank offers long-term customers favorable options when concluding a installment loan. But if you really want to save money, consider direct banking as an alternative. Due to the lower cost of the bank, attractive offers are possible here, which can be used flexibly and easily thanks to the online financial statements. In short, it pays to consider direct banks as an option for installment credit. Even those who are not yet direct bankers should consider this possibility before the conclusion of a installment loan in order to save money and to benefit from the mentioned benefits.